Friday, April 8, 2011

More than 10 and Less Than 1000

In the beginning, as in one of my first posts, I wrote about the first time I "prostituted" myself. Remember, it was by accident?? Anyways, it was with an Italian man named Alex. Well, his and my relationship wasn't just a one time thing - we actually saw each other throughout the first year of my selling myself. One time he had a proposition for me and it wasn't for sex. He wanted me to marry his friend so his friend could be a citizen, and I almost did it. Why? Because I had nothing better to do. It wasn't the first time I was offered something like this. One time I was offered like 20 grand to marry this Irish guy I met at a downtown hostel. He was on the run from the IRA or something - I am not big on international politics but I am pretty sure that is what he told me. But this is neither here nor there. I said no to this Irish guy - he showed me the money though - he had it strapped to his belly and it was the most money I had ever seen in one place at one time.

Anyways, yeah, Alex asked me to marry his friend. This has no real significance except I remember the night BEFORE I was supposed to meet him (and the guy he wanted me to marry). I had been picked up by this hot little skinny Asian guy. He was sooo cute and he asked me if I wanted to come sleep over at his house and I hadn't slept for a few days and also needed a shower so I said yes. We went to his house and it was pretty messy - reminiscent of the A & E show Hoarders but the bathroom - it was the worst bathroom I had ever seen. The shower was brutally disgusting, even for me. Not that I was disgusting in any way (not that I had ever had 3 sexually transmitted infections at the same time, now THAT would be disgusting right?? It wasn't my vagina that shrank to about one/25th it's actual size during that dark time?)- but I had been in some pretty harsh places by that point (not a reference to my vagina) and this one was in the top ten most grotesque.

You know when you go to someone's house and on the outside they seem totally normal but then the toilet at their house it black on the inside and super sick and all you can think is "all they need to do is use a friggen' toilet brush and the thing would be clean", well THIS guy's bathroom pales in comparison. It was his shower, it was terrible. I didn't even want to get in it but I sort of had to. I was afraid of slipping and falling on the black sliminess that was the shower floor. I stood on my tip toes and tried to not touch anything. You know your bathroom is bad when a prostitute is afraid of it. It was with this guy that I spent the night with before I met Alex and his friend.

We met (Alex and friend) at the Greyhound Station, outside, at the park. I was looking rough, I'd imagine. His friend must have been really desperate to agree to anything with me. I remember Alex being mad at me for looking so shitty.

So, we met and then Alex and I left to go downtown to get the paperwork. First, I had no ID. So, getting me my ID was the first order of business. We went to the Vital Statistics office to get my birth certificate. And we got it. Alex probably has it still. Who knows what he can do with it. We never did take this whole marrying thing any farther. So there is no second part to this story.

So somewhere out there there is a birth certificate for yours truly in the possession of a shady and fat Italian man. And he knows my mother's maiden name.

Did I ever tell you guys about Mike? He was the first man that picked me up when I actually stood on the street corner looking for a "date". He was very nice. Just an older man wanting some female attention. He took me shopping and bought me a bunch of clothes and shoes and since I was still living with my bf at the time, when I decided to go home, I had to secure all the stuff in a locker at the bus station. My bf ended up finding the key and going down there and getting the stuff. Can't imagine what he thought when he saw it all.

And actually, the time I was picked up by Mike, the first time (because there is usually is always a second time) we drove right by my crying bf who was walking the streets looking for me. And we just drove right by. I didn't take a second glance. Heartless person I am. Was. But still when I finally had to put out for Mike, he being the first guy that I actually had SEX with for money - I did tear up a bit. The usual thought "how the f*ck did I get here?" came to mind.

Well, he DID buy me boots.