Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Boner

Okay, so there I was...f*cking this guy and......noooo, no, no, I would never start out like that. I would never use the f word so early on.

Okay, so there I was, sitting on these steps in front of some unfortunate person's house that lives on Cordova St. Unfortunate in the sense that as a drug user I often sat on their steps (as did many other drug users) and got high. The steps were high up and around a corner so in theory one would think that if a police cruiser had been driving by I might see them before they saw me....

There I was, smoking crack while also looking for a date, and this seedy looking individual approaches and begins a conversation with me. He lives very close, he says, and wants to know if I will accompany him back to his lair and provide oral companionship to his member while he smokes copious amounts on cocaine (paying me in money and dope-duh). "Yes!", I tell him and we skip away.

As an aside I would just like to mention that the downtown Eastside seems to house a lot of people that are business during the week and party on the weekend. Almost as if they are susceptible to the drugs sold on the street there and have to use purely due to geographical convenience. I am sure there are thousands that don't use but still, there are lots that do. I am just saying, I wasn't really going to go anywhere with this paragraph but I just thought I would mention it. This guy was one of those people.

I say he was seedy because he was scrawny and was out hunting for a prostitute. That is seedy...he wasn't someone that I had seen before though, as I mentioned he was a weekend user.

We get to his apartment after a few short minutes and when we get inside I am surprised to find that he already has a person there. His roommate? No, that would be too easy, it was his male lover. Yep, this guy was bisexual, but his boyfriend, not at all. His bf was fully gay. I was fine with this, as long as he doesn't expect me to have sex with an animal or something, I am fine.

His boyfriend just watches and gets high as I get busy doing what I was being paid to do and before long the proceedings are halted. Scrawny decides that he is no longer interested and wants to see if I can get his boyfriend excited, turned on, erect, etc.

This wasn't the first time I had been been asked to do something like this. I already wrote about the girl/guy couple that had picked me up. I had also been picked up by one of my regulars and brought back to his apartment at like 6 in the morning one day, paid to start bl*wing him in his living room. And paid also, to make enough noise doing so that I would wake up his roommate and then surprise his roommate by switching my focus to him. I think it was his (roommate's) birthday or something...

But never had I had a sexual encounter with a homosexual male. It was a challenge and it was fun, if I am to be honest. I gave it a try. At first he had his eyes open but nothing happened. Then I suggested he close his eyes and so we tried that but to no avail. Sadly, I was only to rewarded for my efforts by bringing him to half mast.

So basically, I blew a gay guy. I think that is pretty cool. I think if a woman ever does this, maybe it is with her bf or husband that hasn't openly come out that he is gay in THAT sense yes, I will give it to them, they have bl*wn a homosexual man...but not like this......ooohhh yeahh and snap and you've been served (and whatever other cliche, quasi hip statements I can make)....I own that ****.